Frequently Asked Questions

Granite and Quartz Worktops

What is so good about granite worktops?

Granite is beautiful and natural. Each piece of granite is unique and you never get two same identical pieces. Granite is hard - almost impossible - to scratch and very resistant to normal everyday activities. Granite is mined from the ground in huge blocks that are cut and polished ready to be machined for the end user.

Why is Marble used as kitchen worktops?

Marble is used for work surfaces mainly because of how it looks. Normally we would not recommend using marble for worktops as it is soft and easy to scratch. There is quartz available now that imitates the natural occurring patterns in marble.

What is Quartz?

Quartz is a man-made product normally consisting of a of minimum 93% quartz and the rest resin mixed with glass to give it its appearance. Other additives are also added to give its colour and pattern. Quartz has in the past 6 years taken off being popular because mainly of its colour choices available. It is very hard and non-porous making it almost impossible to stain.

What finishes are available?

The most favourite finish is the highly polished. Nowadays finishes like honed and leather is popular the honed finished is dull and need to be sealed more regularly and is more easier to stain. The leather has more of a feel to it when touching it feels like leather. There is every expanding range of finishes available yet still the most popular is the highly polished. It has a better resistance to normal day to day activities when it comes to granite.

Where are your worktops manufactured?

We manufacture our worktops in our bespoke facility located in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. We use the latest CNC machines and employ only qualified stone masons.

How quickly will you supply my granite worktop?

We have a quick turnaround for straight forward jobs within a week from doing the initial template. We strive to complete all jobs within a week from the initial template.

What is the usual path to obtaining granite worktops?

The usual path is choosing what you require whether its granite or quartz and then obtaining a quotation. Once you are happy we arrange a time to template and once we have done the machining for your chosen material we arrange a time to fit.

Can you supply granite & quartz worktops in L, U, S or other complex shapes?

We can machine granite or quartz to almost any shape you require. We take a template and scan the shape into the CNC machine then edit the shape in CAD and finally send the drawing to CAM package.

What is the longest length of granite you do?

As a general rule quartz worktops normally come 3m in length and the height is 1.4m. In some cases you may get a jumbo sized quartz worktop measuring 3.2m x 1.6m. The granite comes in various sizes it depends on the quarry where the block is taken from as a general rule normally they are 3m x 1.9 m and the sizes can be smaller. Both quartz and granite comes 30mm in thickness for worktops and 20mm for back splashes and upstands.

Do you have a brochure?

We are currently doing an online brochure that will be downloadable once it has been designed.

Is this material totally natural?

Granite is natural it is cut from blocks of granite that are mined. You will never get two pieces of granite the same. Quartz is man-made, the characteristics of quartz is very similar to each other.

How thick is your material?

Our material is 30mm thick for worktops and also 20mm for upstands and splashbacks.

Do you have a showroom?

We have a show room located within the factory.

Templating & Installation

What do I need to do before templating?

You need to make sure all your carcasses are fitted and rigid in place. The final adjustments are made. Once we have made a template or done a survey you cannot move the carcasses to a different position. If the carcasses are moved then a revisit will be required.

Will I need to be there on the day of templating and fitting?

Depending on the water and gas supply you may need a plumber to connect the water and gas that can be done at a later stage also. Someone had to be there to check all is fine once the worktops are fitted and sign off for them also.

What should I do before Installation?

You need to make sure your carcasses are finished and fastened to the wall. The carcasses should be level and any bits and bobs that are to be finished should be completed ie end panels etc. Any questions you may have you should contact us for any advice.

Can I fit the Granite myself?

IF you are a competent at DIY it may be possible to fit the worktops yourself in some cases. Please keep in mind granite/marble/quartz is fragile and care must be taken fitting. Fitting is a 2/3 person job and certain ‘know how’ is needed also.

Can I template the worktop myself?

Yes. We normally accept templates from customers who wish to fit the worktops themselves. When we fit we prefer to do our own templates to avoid any possible issues. Most kitchen companies supply their own templates and we rarely have any issues.

Do you use subcontractors?

No. Our fitters are employed by us on books. We do not use any subcontractors and all our workmanship is guaranteed.

How is the stone fixed to the worktop?

The stone is fixed using silicone in most cases and resin. The weight of the stone keeps it from moving.

Do you do plumbing?

We generally fix the sink and tap in but we do not do any plumbing i.e. connecting water or gas.

How long after templating will you be able to fit my granite?

We generally fit granite within a week from template. Most jobs are planned to be machined in advance and our machining time is little comparable to other suppliers, we have the CNC machines that enable us to manufacture at a faster pace.

Do my units need any extra strengthening?

Normally we advise customers to strengthen certain units such as breakfast bars so they don’t rattle and are more stable and rigid. The rest of the carcasses are normally fine when fixed to the wall also.

Will I need to seal my granite worktop?

Your granite will already come sealed and will be sealed again after fitting. You will not have to seal the granite again for two years. Quartz is non porous and does not require sealing.

If I want to replace my existing worktops will they have to be removed before templating?

Your worktops generally do not need removing prior to template. We measure around them. The worktops will have to be removed before the fitters arrive to fit the new worktops unless discussed prior that we shall remove them.

Can I tile the walls before the granite if fitted?

Yes. We rather you tile the walls after the worktops are fitted to hide any discrepancies in the wall not being straight.

Pricing & Quotation

If I am happy with the quote what is the next procedure?

If you are happy with the quote and want to proceed you may email us or call us. We will take down your details and arrange a suitable date to template.

Are there different grades/qualities of granite and how does this relate to cost?

There is different grades in granite. Normally first choice and commercial grade. For worktops we always use first choice granite and check the large sheet prior to manufacture keeping a tight control on the quality. Normally people sell blanks (precut polished slabs in fixed sizes) these vary in the thicknesses and are generally of lower quality. We only use large sheets to make sure the granite is consistent and uniform thickness.

Are your prices reasonable?

Our prices are always competitive we do not inflate our prices and lower them. We will beat any genuine quote. We normally supply to the trade and end public user also.

Does the quote given include vat?

All our quotations include vat unless specified separately. If your property is a new build then you can claim the vat back in most cases.

How and when do I pay?

We take payment after completion of the job and when you are happy with it. We accept cash, bankers draft and online transfer.

After Care

Can I put hot pans onto the granite worktop?

It is not recommended to put hot pans on granite worktops. It is advisable to use a granite chopping board that has plastic feet beneath it to prevent the granite surface scratching. For quartz worktops certainly not advisable as you will damage the surface with heat. Remember granite can crack with too much heat care must be taken to avoid this.

Can I scratch my granite worktop?

Granite and quartz is a hard material that does not mean it is impossible to scratch. Avoid sharp hardened knives and other utensils. Avoid using cups with a rough base i.e. porcelain cups that are not smooth beneath.

Can I chip my granite worktop?

If you are not careful you can chip the edges. An example is hitting the edge with a plate etc. We normally have an aris (chamfer) around the edges big enough to avoid most knocks etc.

Can chips in a granite worktop be repaired?

Yes. Chips can be repaired either by using resin or buffing the ship out from edges. Note: You cannot repair the face or buff out any scratches as the colour of the surface will not be the same as rest of the granite.

Does granite stain?

Granite and quartz can stain especially the lighter colours. Avoid strong detergents and acids. Red wine should be wiped off immediately. We do seal granite, when its manufactured and again when it is fitted.

How do I clean my granite worktops?

You can clean the worktops using mild soap. Avoid harsh chemicals. We recommend using a spray bottle containing washing up liquid 10% with water.

What about lime scale?

Lime scale occurs where you have hard water and affects areas near the sink. Always clean and wipe the area surrounding tap etc. If need be use very fine wire wool and rub it around the affected area. Please do not try rubbing wire wool on the quartz.

Is granite affected by lemon juice?

Yes. Avoid using lemon juice it can take the shine off the granite and quartz. If spilt immediately wipe off from surface and clean using mild soap.